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What can you do with more than a 45% increase in your business and personal performance?

Curious how you can attain this type of effectiveness with out incurring more stress. At one time in the past you  expressed some interest in attending one of our Working Smart with Outlook previews or classes.

That is why you are personally invited to attend this FREE Priority Working Smart with Outlook Preview titled: "The Key Ingredients to Managing Your Workload in Todays Tech Rich Time Poor Workplace"  to be conducted at your desktop via MS Office Meeting On Line December 19, 2006 from 3:00 to 4:30 P.M. Central Time. You can discover in 90 minutes at your desktop what others across the globe have to say about how this proven formula of combining the right task with the right process and the right tool (Microsoft Outlook) can supercharge your business and personal results, click the link above to read more and to register.

How much would you invest to get an additional 74 minutes per day in productive time?

A University of Michigan study of Priority Manager graduates indicated you can save $387.00 per month working 50 weeks per year at a total compensation package of $30,000 annually. For most of you this return on investment that will last you a lifetime will be paid back with performance in less than one month.  Join us and learn skills and processes to increase performance for a lifetime. Follow this link for verification on of the 45% + increase in performance from a pre and post assessment of attendees to the Working Smart with Outlook Workshop. Proven Results from Class

If you are having challenges with any of the workplace skills listed below, schedule and plan to attend this Free event. Register now!
  • Finish Work on Time
  • Start Work on Time
  • Ability to Say No
  • Linking Daily Decisions with Values
  • Pro Active
  • Stress
  • Delegation and Collaboration
  • Information
  • Willingness to Let Go
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Following Through in a Timely Manner
  • Written Daily Plans
  • Maximizing Daily Accomplishments
  • Clarity of Goals
  • Annual Planning
  • Written Monthly Plans
  • Dealing with Interruptions
  • Rapid Revival of Information
  • Focus/Concentration on Tasks
  • Controlling Clutter and the Digital Deluge
  • Finding Things 

Follow this link for the results from the University of Michigan study University of Michigan Study Results

Follow this link to register for the  an on line Working Smart with Outlook class  Register for Working Smart with Outlook Class

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