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The Gulas Group provides proven and reliable assessments, coaching, training and development processes that provide significant and measurable improvements in performance and a solid path toward achieving your goals.

Clients seek us out to help them achieve their strategic goals; close sales quickly, resolve internal and external conflicts, reduce falling margins, and smooth communications.

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Sales Development
A. Fix a Complacent Sales Team
Bill is suffering from sales leader complacency. In one sentence he would say we need to improve and constantly grow. In the next sentence Bill would begin with "yes, but. . ." Bill, like so many sales leaders, is conflicted and confused, which leads to fear and complacency
Emotional Intelligence: A Key Ingredient to Mastering Sales Competencies
I have been in the sales profession for over 40 years. During that time, I've held many roles, from working as a sales person at JC Penney to owning my own companies. Like many who have had success in this field, we've started our own companies.
The Twelve Elements of a Successful Prospecting Plan
Recession, depression, slow economy - it doesn't matter what excuse you make or call it, it all boils down to "Besieged Buyer Syndrome." This condition will manifest itself in a stalled opportunity.
A Blueprint to Develop Sales Talent
The word process is tossed around a lot these days. The best example of a successful process for me comes from recently watching the University of Alabama football team.  Three years ago in 2007 the University of Alabama had no football players drafted to the NFL and they lost six games.

5 Tips You Must Know Before You Start Out On A Sales Development Initiative
Tip1: You will have less likelihood of success until you isolate and address those Hidden Weaknesses that will put the brakes on a sale person's ability to improve.

Is Procrastination Costing Your Sales Team?
Every so often it makes sense to step back and look at how we are doing things. Evaluating the way we sell is no exception. But sometimes, because with all the other business challenges we face, it's easier to procrastinate. This has been true of the selling function, as you'll see
Consider Retooling Your Sales Team
Customers are more sophisticated and better informed than ever. Competition has increased; even the venerable "old" names (like Microsoft) have upstarts nipping successfully at their heels. Deals are larger, more complex, increasing buyer's concerns about making a bad decision.
Why Sales Development Works Better than Sales Training
To make a statement like this one must be prepared to prove their case against evidence like this: Firms that invest more than average on training turn in results that are 86% higher than those firms that spends less than the average, and 45% higher than firms that spend the average (CSO Insights)
The Disappearing Sales System
Past articles have covered four vital keys to maximizing sales potential. These keys are the commodity confine, procrastination and its costs, retooling the sales team and finally pipeline management. Another very important ingredient to maximize sales potential is to manage and execute the proper selling system
Improving A Negative Environment is Easier Than Most Believe
The winners in any economic downturn belong to those who can create and innovative. This premise is based on the fact that in most organizations you never have enough resources. Resources such as money , labor, time and energy are usually in short supply.
Become Effective in the Consistent Execution of Selling
It is tough enough in good economic times for sales people to maximize their selling potential. It is a downright crap shot to maximize sales potential in a down economy. Let us start by reviewing
Sales Person Recruiting Process
Step One: Identify The process of recruiting sales people is like no other process in your organization. Most mistakes are made by relying too much on sales history. Sales history is like the disclaimer on stocks:
Recruiting Superior Sales Talent: Step 2 Testing
No organization in professional sports today will pay a star athlete to play professional sports without a rigorous test. Why do most sales professional organizations by pass testing
Recruiting Superior Sales Talent: Step 3 Searching
When I ask attendees at our executive briefing titled, "Recruiting Superior Sales Talent" to rank the importance of the recruiting steps, "Searching" is normally ranked incorrectly. In order of importance...
Recruiting Superior Sales Talent: Step 4 Interviewing
To hire a superior sales talent, conduct short, intense interview sessions. First make sure the candidate has completed the formal sales screening process and is hirable. Next, get ...
Recruiting Superior Sales Talent - Step 5, Qualify
As far as the importance of steps, "qualify" is listed as one of the least important. If you are off a bit on this step, your formal interview process could make up for the difference.
Superior Workforce and Workload Management
Which Half Of The Employees At Your Organization Hate Their Job?
Disengagement and complacency has become the 21st Century disease eating away at organization's performance in the 21st Century. From sales teams to manufacturing and operations, disengagement is spreading like a summer wildfire on the West Coast
Control Procrastination With "Integrity to Self"
"Integrity to Self" is a strategy that can eliminate and control procrastination at home and in the workforce. It all starts and ends with those boxes and nine or so lines on your electronic or paper calendar. Each line and box represents the opportunity to test your integrity to yourself.
Improve Communication 41% or More
Information has become the raw material on the assembly lines of knowledge workers. By improving how you track information, you improve your communication and can get better results each and every workday.
Avoid Procrastination- Eliminate C.H.A.O.S.
As she finished her phone call and came out of her office to greet me, she apologized for the appearance of her office and asked me to please wait while she got a chair for me.
An Introduction to Priorities
In today's got to have it yesterday world the challenge is to get the most important, high value activities consistently accomplished each and every day. In my productivity development classes I use the statement,
Embrace Personal Accountability or Embrace Failure Recently
Dan Stamp the CEO of Priority Management Systems sent out an article titled," Ten Most Common Causes of Failure. " Number one on the list was, blaming other people for problems rather than accepting personal accountability
The Four Corners Offense of Time Management
Before the shot clock was modified and installed into the game of basketball teams would employ a four corners offense to significantly slow the game down. The offense was developed and popularized by long-time North Carolina head coach Dean Smith in the early 1960s. You may be thinking.
Improve Delegation By 34%
When mentioning the our track record of improving delegation and collaboration by 34% for 255 client companies worldwide and over 2000 individuals using Outlook or Notes looks of skepticism begin to appear.
Are You Drowning in E-Mail
Learn to Reduce Email Overload By 54% E-mail is Making You Stupid! At least, that's what a headline in the March edition of Entrepreneur Magazine claims. But that's not all...
Metrics Will Purge Hidden Human Capital Costs on Your Income Statement
There is an epidemic in the US workplace. No it is not swine flu. This epidemic is hidden within an organization’s income statement. The hidden cost relates to human capital and is known as disengaged workers. Disengagement can come from many sources some as simple as a closed door meeting in tough economic times.
Improve Revenues by Eliminating Workplace Clutter
Back in 1979 I started my first business to improve human capital which was called Performance Plus. I was affiliated with Priority Management Systems Incorporated. One of the first things we did was sponsor a messy desk contest in the area. It was so successful that for over five years Performance Plus was spotlighted on the local TV news every year featuring stories eliminating desk stress.

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