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The Gulas Group provides proven and reliable assessments, coaching, training and development processes that provide significant and measurable improvements in performance and a solid path toward achieving your goals.

Clients seek us out to help them achieve their strategic goals; close sales quickly, resolve internal and external conflicts, reduce falling margins, and smooth communications.

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Working Sm@rt with Lotus Notes™

You've got the software, we've got the proven process for increasing productivity

Who will benefit:

  • Managers
  • Technical and Sales professionals
  • Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Project leaders
  • Anyone who want to take advantage of the scheduling, communications and task management capabilities of Lotus Notes

Time required:
1 day plus a follow-up coaching session and iLearn™ support

Performance & Behavior; Knowledge & Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this unit, and with appropriate on-the-job coaching, participants will be able:

Performance & Behavior
Knowledge & Learning Outcomes
To understand the Productivity Formula and the difference between tools and process The productivity process
To understand what is available in the Lotus Notes toolkit The Lotus Notes business solution
To manage their inbox so that they will stay with their priorities regardless of volume Managing e-mail
To learn the importance of the Lotus Notes calendar and keep control over schedule demands Managing commitments
To apply the Priority communications process to Lotus Notes Communicating effectively
To become a master at multi-tasking and differentiate between important and urgent activities Managing activities
To manage the digital desktop for maximum effectiveness Eliminating desk stress

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