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The Gulas Group provides proven and reliable assessments, coaching, training and development processes that provide significant and measurable improvements in performance and a solid path toward achieving your goals.

Clients seek us out to help them achieve their strategic goals; close sales quickly, resolve internal and external conflicts, reduce falling margins, and smooth communications.

Customer Testimonials

Satisfaction and your complete success is always our main goal. Quite often we receive positive comments from customers whom we have assisted. Below, we have reproduced just a few.

"Will you be sending a schedule every week or is it the same every week? I'm excited about starting but will have to wait to next week to start. Thanks Ted, for the DNA Selling DNA workshop. I learned so much over those 2 days from you and have been able to apply it already."

John Morley
N&L Enterprises, Inc.

"I wanted to thank you for recommending Ted Gulas and his Priority Management program. I was hoping to get a very good refresher on how our office could better manage our priorities and time. Many of my people already use a planner. Ted delivered much more, equipping us with a process that will enable me and my team to reach our business goals and other critical life goals."

- Thank you again,
Mike Schoof
Regional Sales Manager
Vector ESP, Inc.

"The sales coaching I have received from The Gulas Group is a critical ingredient to building an extraordinary sales team. The DNA Selling System is providing a systematic model to follow resulting in bigger opportunities and less time spent on defending price or hoping to close an account."

- Sincerely,
Nick Lioce, Jr.
N&L Enterprises Inc.

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how positively excited Gary Steelman, Lampi's V.P. of Sales - Market Development, was about having been a participant of the DNA Selling DNA Seminar."

"Like any sales professional Gary encounters many obstacles in the day to day activity of going after the sale. On the one hand, the seminar provided him with new, useful, and exiting tools which will help him overcome the sales obstacles. On the other hand the seminar reinvigorated him with a positive attitude about the work of selling our products and services."

"Having had Gary at your seminar is like putting a terrific new tool in a youngster's hand. On the phone his new skills have proven to be positive leverage tool already and he can't wait to get on the road and try out his latest techniques in front of customers."

"Thanks for putting on such a fabulous seminar and providing so many good and helpful selling tools to Lampi's sales professionals."

- With great respect and many thanks,
Ms. Heike Holderer
President / C.E.O.
Lampi L.L.C.

"The DNA Selling Process is THE TOTAL PACKAGE. From recruiting and assessing new hires, evaluating existing sales people, developing winners plus coaching and tracking behaviors, the DNA Selling Process contributed to this years regional sales award at 110% of quota."

- Stan Mangham
President Mangham & Associates
Birmingham Alabama

"We began our goal of building an extraordinary sales staff in May 2001. At that point we had decided that we were tired of the 'revolving door' that is so often associated with hiring /training/firing Sales Reps. At a Management level, we had decided that we needed an objective assessment of our strengths and weaknesses. We were frustrated with the amount of 'time' we were spending with people who ended up not being long-term players."

"The overview and the individual evaluations helped us to make decisions on how or whether to invest more time and money into existing employees. But more importantly, we began to learn how to make better hiring decisions. We began to realize that we needed to match an individual's strengths against the profile of what we deemed to be a successful rep in our industry."

"The individual evaluations became the benchmark for skill development and training. The off-site training camps were highly motivating for the reps and the follow-up Tele Classes help to keep them focused on on-track. We have begun to see a positive trend in individual as well as company production as it pertains to revenue and profitability."

"Ted Gulas has been a great help to me personally in developing my own strengths and improving on my weaknesses. His upbeat and positive attitude keeps me focused and allows me to stay objective an on track when it comes to managing my team and difficult situations. I would recommend The Gulas Group to any Sales Manager who is tired of beating their head against the wall and trying to find the answer to 'How do I find the right people?!'"

- Kathy DiMaggio
VP of Sales
Quench, Inc.

"Month over month growth each year is what you predicted would occur if we implemented the DNA Selling Process. More than one year into our partnership it is evident your prediction is true. We now have a winning sales culture, the team is having fun learning and executing the plan. A large portion of that success is your insistence on the assessing new hires and the existing team, then developing them together in a sales fitness model. Even in a down market the first two months of this year is up almost 7%."

- Dennis Owens
VP Windsor Doors

"The DNA Selling Process is a complete system for assessing, hiring, developing coaching and tracking sales people and sales managers. By following this process we have increased this years offering over 25% from the same time last year. We so strongly believe this is the best process to develop sales talent we are using it as a platform to build our business model with in other cities."

- Daniel Stephens
CEO Who's Who Magazine

"We have used the Discovery Sales Process for several years. It is the foundation of our exponential growth in sales. This year we are moving into a 50,000 square foot building. Our business relationship with Ted Gulas and this selling process has contributed significantly to that move and growth."

- David Milly
CEO Theatrical Lighting Systems Inc.

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