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The Gulas Group provides proven and reliable assessments, coaching, training and development processes that provide significant and measurable improvements in performance and a solid path toward achieving your goals.

Clients seek us out to help them achieve their strategic goals; close sales quickly, resolve internal and external conflicts, reduce falling margins, and smooth communications.

DNA Selling DNA Workshop for Sales Managers
Dominate Your Marketplace By Building A True Selling Machine

Sales Warrior class photo
Sales Warrior class photo
Sales Warrior class photo
Class Agenda:

  • Agenda
  • Ground Rules
  • Expectations Share
  • Executables

  • Systematize Why & How
  • Critical Objectives For Success
  • Ten Must Haves For Sales Managers
  • Critical Objectives For Success Worksheets - Tools
  • How to Allocate Time
  • Guiding Principals
  • Equation for Success
  • Levels for Success
  • 88 Point Sales Management Skills Inventory
  • Introduce Sales Management Pyramid
  • Action Plans

  • 5 Critical Components for Achieving Success
  • Set & Achieve Goals
  • Keys to Ready Goals
  • Balance
  • How to Help Your Team Establish Stretch Goals
  • Goals Worksheets
  • Compensation Definition & Forms
  • Compensation Objectives
  • Design A Compensation Plan
  • Types of Compensation Plans
  • Review Four Sample Compensation Plans
  • Incentives & Rewards Worksheet
  • Sales Manager's Meeting Madness
  • Sales Manager's Meeting Fixes
  • Sales Manager's Meeting Planning tool
  • Criteria to Consider to Hold a Great Meeting
  • Action Plans

  • Pipeline & Roller Coaster
  • Setting the Plate Strategically
  • Key Strategic Indicators
  • Strategic Sale Model
  • Tracking Models: Electronic, Paper, Web
  • Large Account Information
  • Data Entry Options
  • Questions to Review or Tracking
  • Eliminate Excuse Making
  • Commitment
  • Define Commitment
  • Testing Your Commitment
  • Testing Your Team's Commitment
  • Typical Escape Clause
  • Action Plan

  • Pre Call Briefs - How
  • Post Call Briefs - Why
  • Debrief Systems
  • Qualifier Tool
  • Managing People on Debriefs
  • Exercises
  • Joint Sales Calls
  • Learning is the Key
  • How to Review & Debrief for Learning
  • Four Types of Learners
  • Learning Curve Explained
  • Introduction Learning Logs
  • Action Plans

  • Setting Higher Expectations
  • Development Model
  • Sales Cycle Expectations
  • Group Margins
  • Types of Players - Moe Larry Curly
  • Discuss its Relevance to Growing & Coaching
  • Review 100 Sales Manager Musts to Growth
  • Score Boards - Review Various Models
  • Success Elements & Competencies - Sales People
  • Success Elements & Competencies - Sales Managers
  • Selling System
  • Questions to Ask Before Training
  • Quick Coach Review CD
  • Performance Reviews
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Optimization
  • Action Plan - Learning Log

  • Inventory Existing Conditions
  • Why Do You Need a Recruiting Pipeline
  • Review Hiring Goals
  • Success Formula for Recruiting Pipeline
  • 7 Step Recruiting Process - Rank - Discuss
  • Identify Ideal Candidate
  • Sample Compatibility
  • Combination of Skill Sets Determine Sales Roles
  • Compensation Sliding Scale
  • Searching
  • How to Write a Great Ad
  • Sample Ads
  • Manage the Resources
  • Qualify Keep Score
  • Testify - yes/no types
  • Interviews (+/-)
  • Sample & Practice Interviews
  • Corporate Recruiting System on CD
  • Action Plans
  • Lessons Learned

  • Extras
  • Resources
  • Evaluations

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Managing in today's complex sales environment requires more skill and expertise. Gone are the days when a company could just put sales people on the street and hope for the best. The high cost of putting sales reps on the street coupled with the increased competitive pressure demands that a company maximize its return on its investment of human capital. To compete in this environment companies realize that they must upgrade and improve their sales management practices. The companies that excel in every industry will be those that learn how to get their sales people to perform at a higher level.


Who Should Attend This Program?
Business Owners, Sales Managers, VP's of Sales, Sales reps acting as their own sales manager, and support people with sales management responsibility who:

  • Are not hitting their targets consistently
  • Need training in Sales Management skills
  • Need to grow sales
  • Want to protect their sales training investment
  • Have to act as "coach" to sales professionals
  • Desire to achieve EXPONETIAL INCREASES
  • Sales Manager is only one of many hats worn

Goals for Superior Sales Management:
  • Hit numbers consistently
  • See that Salespeople hold Margin
  • Keep the pipeline full
  • Build Morale
  • Create and Sustain Sales Momentum
  • Protect your sales training investment
  • Become the on-site sales coach
  • Know what situation call for what sales tools

This hands on training will give you an arsenal of weapons to take home and implement immediately.

You Will Take Home From This Program:

  • An Extensive Sales Managers Manual
  • Various Worksheets
  • Blueprints for a 90-day turnaround
  • Five Critical Components of Success to beat your competition
  • Tracking systems to keep the pipeline full
  • Who should train and what exercises will make your team the best
  • 88 Point Skills Inventory
  • 100 Point Checklist for Sales Manager Success

1. Visual tracking and accountability boards web based and paper versions

Sales Cycle Boards for Harvesting Accounts
The single most important reason representatives fail to achieve targets is lack of activity. There are many steps involved in every sale. Daily activity reports do not always reflect where the sale is stalling, or why. This board is a visual tracking system that allows you to immediately evaluate progress and pipeline at a glance. The board never lies. Is there enough in the pipeline to meet targets? Where is the business coming from? Are proposals being sent out without knowing what the next step is? Why is the sale breaking down? More importantly what can we do to save it?

Score Board
Who is on track? Who is number one in a variety of categories? The Score Board is a visual reality check of where we are at any given time during the quarter in regards to sales. It severs as positive peer pressure and gets the competitive juices going.

2. Playbook of Sales Strategies:

Set up your Critical Objectives For Success

Understand how building a strategic sales environment will win new accounts and keep the competition out of your current ones.

Setting a competitive sales strategy for competing for business not only streamlines your efforts, it helps you decide where, when and how to win business.

Strategy takes into account current market conditions, who is in control of the account, and who would win the account if the decision were made right now. Strategy puts you in the proper position to effectively use your sales tactics.

You will learn how to allocate your time strategically as opposed to tactically. Discover a way to leverage your time to get all the important high value work accomplished.

3. Training Exercises to Reinforce sales training:

In order to protect your sales training investment you must reinforce what your team is learning in sales training. During sales meetings and when you are in the field are great opportunities to practice-drill-rehearse the concepts. You will experience these exercises and master the ability to use them with your team.

  • Bonding & Rapport
  • Discovery and Motivation
  • Playbook of Sales Strategies
  • Commitment
  • Resources
  • Decisions
  • Ground Rules For Proposals & Presentations
  • Closing for Results Doing Whatever it Takes

4. Sales Activity Promotions designed to capture Momentum:

The business of sales is about momentum. You either have it or you don't. When momentum is in your favor, you must resist the urge to relax or celebrate too early. If momentum is not in your favor you must double your efforts to regain it. These promotions can help in getting representatives back on track or keep them working when the economy is robust.

5. Real Play vs. Role Play Case study:

During training you will take on the role of existing representatives on your team. The trainer will model what tools you should use in your current situations. You experience real world approaches to your unique circumstances.

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