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 March 7 , 2007

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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

             ...And it's all small stuff.

If you ask any senior citizen for their advice on an issue they will invariably tell you not to worry so much. Indeed, many will tell you that they wish they had taken more risks during their lifetime because most of what they feared never actually came to pass. Whether it is an argument with your partner, child or work colleague, a mistake you have made, an opportunity missed or a bad cold, chances are, that six months from now you simply aren't going to care. It will have faded into distant memory—just one more irrelevant detail in your life.

So here are five profound pieces of wisdom that you should take to heart in order to not let the little things take over your life:

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1 Take Ownership
You and you alone are responsible for your feelings and emotions. However much you might think otherwise, no-one else is to blame for how you feel and only you can stop yourself from feeling stressed. So take ownership for your moods and stop the blame game today!
1 Don't Escalate
External events, both trivial and traumatic cannot of themselves make you stressed—it is how you think and react to the event that causes you stress. Stop escalating every event that happens to a level it doesn't warrant. Think of six months on and let it go.
1 Alter Your Attitude
You really can, as William James discovered, "alter your life by altering your attitude". You can choose how to feel just like you can choose how to behave. Start today to be more positive about the life you lead.
1 Control Your Mind
Don't be a "stinkin' thinkin'" kind of person. Stinking thinkers cannot control their thoughts and exaggerate the seriousness of every situation. They 'think' themselves into feelings that things are falling apart, are dreadful, terrible and then start to make foolish and unrealistic demands of themselves and the people around them.
1 Be Objective
You will be much less vulnerable to feeling stressed if you take on the "don't sweat the small stuff—it's all small stuff" mantra. Remember that stress is always subjective, your emotional reaction to an outside event.

Start today to develop the thinking that will help you stay calm, happy and prolong your life! Priority Management has made stress reduction an integral part of its ethos. By developing essential management skills such as focus, personal organization, communication and life/work balance, you will learn how to stay in control and increase personal performance.

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