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Sales Coach iModules Program

We’ve designed the Sales Coach iModules Program as yet another resource for salespeople to improve their skill sets. This training program consists of three web-based modules that can be leased to a user as individual modules or as a package consisting of all three. These components include:

I). Prospecting
II). The Sales Process, from A to Z
III). Overcoming Stalls, Objections & Roadblocks

These modules consist of chapters of audio and written presentations, real world examples and conversations, quizzes, a cold calling simulator, printable journals and scripts to track your progress. It is a great training resource for those who want to sharpen their skills in an interactive manner. It is also available to you whenever or wherever you have Internet access.

The way it works:

When you sign up for a module, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique password for your unlimited usage, valid for a minimum of 60 days. This password will enable you to access one or all three of the modules (depending on what you purchase). Each module typically lasts over an hour, but each person interacts with the software at his/her own pace.

"Online" Sales Training is:

More Effective
Learn at your own speed! Web based sales training provides unlimited training time!

Less Expensive
No travel, meeting, hotel, food or lost selling time expenses!

Sales training for one salesperson, the whole sales force or new hires without waiting for sales training meetings!

Specific to Your Business
Electronic Workshops create sales strategies to sell YOUR products in YOUR selling environment!

These modules will aid in the understanding of:

Sales Training Sales Prospecting Overcoming Sales Objections Roadblocks to Sales
Sales Prospecting Simulator The Sales Cycle The Sales Pipeline Generating Sales leads
Theory of Sales Prospecting Cold Call Simulation Top Ten Cold Calling Tips Cold Calling Examples
Prospecting for Leads The Traditional Sales Process The Selling System Sales Process and Strategies


Sales Prospecting

In this 15 chapter module, you'll be taken through a very detailed approach to prospect more successfully. Included in this module are tips on cold calling, how to create a more impressive 20 second commercial and steps on how to make a Cold Calling Journal, which will help you develop a much more successful prospecting process.

Introduction    The Heart of A Cold Call
Initial Self Assessment The Micro Presentation
The Traditional Call Cold Calling Examples
The Fresh Approach The 10 Cold Calling Tips
Attitudes & Beliefs Getting the Most From Your Referrals
Where to Focus Conclusion
Prospecting Journal  Cold Calling Simulator
The New Theory Of Prospecting  
 Retail Price: $45.00 includes 60 day unlimited access to IModule Prospecting

The Sales Process, From A to Z

This module contains 11 chapters that approach all of steps involved in developing a successful sales process. By looking at your buyer's process and creating your own selling process, you'll be able to turn many more prospects into clients. 

Introduction    The Hierarchy of Motivation
Initial Self Assessment The Buyers Pain
The Buyers System   Qualifying For Money
The Sales Call Closing The Sale
Common Sense Selling Conclusion
Initial Sales Meeting  
Retail Price: $45.00 includes 60 day unlimited access to IModule Sales Process

Overcoming Sales Stalls, Objections & Roadblocks

Everything you need to overcome common stalls and objections is within this 9 chapter module. You'll be shown today's most common stalls & objections, learn tips on how to avoid them and methods to create them yourself so that your prospect actually talks himself out of the roadblocks he's set up for you.

Introduction    The Tactics
Initial Self Assessment How to Handle Common Stalls & Objections
Sales Myths & Old Wife’s Tales Objection Prevention
Causes of Objections Conclusion
Top Stalls & Objections  
Retail Price: $45.00 includes 60 day unlimited access to Overcoming Stalls, Objection & Roadblocks

Interactive Web Based Sales Training 3-Module Bundle

In this bundle, you'll receive access to all three of the Sales Coach iModules. A great way to get full, well-rounded training in three separate, but crucial areas in selling. Note: There is a price reduction for purchasing all three of the modules in this bundle.

Retail Price: $99.00 includes unlimited 60 day access to all three IModules


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