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October 29, 2003  

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This issue deals the all-important role of your calendar.

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The Most Important Management Tool In Your Life
by Ted Gulas

If biographers were to explore your life in the year 2003, they would find a treasure trove of information through one source: your calendar!

It took five thousand years for civilization to finally capture the movement of the heavens in the grid of 365 small squares we call the calendar. Each of us is allotted thousands of these squares over a lifetime, and how we use them will determine the quality and kind of life we choose to live. The calendar is the single most important tool in your life. It determines how you use your most precious resource-time.

Here are three tips on how to get the best use out of your 365 square allotments for 2004:

  1. Use just one calendar to record all meetings, appointments, and social engagements. Multiple calendars may lead to duplicate or missed appointments. If you must maintain duplicate calendars for your colleagues, at home or on your computer, update them daily.

  2. Don't mix tasks and to-do lists with your appointments. Use a separate daily to-do list for all other activities.

  3. Your two most important appointments each day are firstly, the one to two hours you reserve each morning to tackle your 'A' activities without interruption - the 'quiet hour'. And secondly, the time you allot for physical activity.

If you follow these steps you'll get more done each day, feel more fit and in greater control.

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