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Thought For The Day

October 07, 2005

Max Newsletter
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Sales Tip: Challenge your BS (Believe System)

Max Newsletter

Situation: Bubba has been selling industrial equipment for 15 years and was feeling dejected recently due to a slump that he could not crawl out from. During this slump he began to honestly evaluate his past 15 years in sales and began to conclude there were some things about selling that he really hated. May Sue, who is Bubba's sales leader, asked that Bubba make a list of those things for both to discuss. The top frustration on Bubba's list was chasing prospects who do not return calls. Next on the list was wasting time doing proposals and presentations for prospects who continue to procrastinate or shop around pitting one competitor to the next to as they continued to shop around for the lowest price. Another demeaning issue on the list was chasing rabbit holes trying to convince those prospects who even if they did buy could not impact overall sales results in a very profitable way. The last two items on the list were dealing with constant rejection and resistance to move beyond the status quo "inertia".

Problem: May Sue, began coaching Bubba about a sales tactic called belief systems. She outlined research about how we attract things into our lives such as rejection, and chasing prospects because that is our believe system (what one believes to be true). She gave this example of how sales people feel in their gut that a "no" from a prospect is a failure, and to be effective in sales one must give polished, convincing presentations and be good at overcoming all objections. Maybe worst of all is this belief that prospects will tell the truth in a sales interaction all of the time.

Solution: May Sue went on the review what was said about Outlook from the OMG Evaluation Bubba had recently taken. In that Evaluation Bubba had an Outlook problem which stems from these Sales Competencies ; "Has A Positive Outlook and Attitude", "Takes Responsibility" and "Strong Self Confidence". The 21 Sales Competencies and the corresponding behaviors below each one impact ones believe system in a positive or negative manner. Change some of those non supportive attitudes and adopt a system of believes that are consistent with success in selling today and what you want to attract. Here are five top believes Mary Sue suggested to Bubba that he embrace. Perhaps you should consider these positive believes as well in order to become a super star sale person.

  1. I have no money worries and do not need this particular piece of business
  2. My job is to disqualify people who are not prospects.
  3. " No" is okay ( as long as I have qualified properly.
  4. If I sense something negative, bring it up with the prospect (politely).
  5. It is the prospects job to convince me they that they have a problem and it is important enough to do something about it.

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