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Unlock the Power of Microsoft® Outlook®

A Business Person's Guide to Supercharging Your Microsoft Outlook Software.

For those of us that are Microsoft Outlook Challenged, You know who you are....

This guide is for those who have lost their sense of priority. Everything is urgent. Nothing is truly meaningful. We just have a zillion things to get done - NOW! Not only is this extraordinarily stressful, it is living an illusion, a lie. Truth be known some things are certainly more important than other things.
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DNA Selling Groups

What is this program about?

A six month structured TeleClass & Coaching program for graduates of the DNA Selling Workshop.

The DNA Selling Groups were created from feedback from over four years of Public TeleClasses from our clients. Our clients indicated the Public TeleClasses performed extremely well when it came to follow up learning from the class. Despite the successes there were some gaps in execution of the principals and in actual visible positive changes in behaviors or sales weaknesses as we call them. What our Public TeleClass clients kept saying was Ted, "How can you hold us accountable to execute these principals everyday"? The answerer was right before us. Research indicated the Private TeleClass participants were achieving much faster and greater success than the Public Classes. The reason for the Private TeleClass success primarily had to do with the fact they had to attend and do the assignments. In addition their sales leaders would also attend or actively participate so the group created great synergy and purpose.

Success of these Private TeleClass groups boiled down to these ingredients:

  • Attendance was mandatory
  • Commitment everyone who participated had to be 100% committed no matter what to sales success.
  • Tools in many instances on line Qualifier and Sales Track was used
  • Accountability to others in the team in the form of formally sharing what each person learned and would execute after the class.
  • Materials Those in private TeleClasses were the best users of CD's DVDS and tapes plus pre and post work materials.
  • Coaching Private class participants in greater numbers took advantage of the as needed private coaching component of the TeleClasses.
  • Habits: Participants made "sales fitness" a ritual. Just like brushing your teeth each breakthrough occurred because participants would not let their sales fitness muscles atrophy from lack of resistance each day.

So how does this program work?

This program builds on the DNA Selling Workshop and its materials. It provides the solid, proven sales information necessary to develop an effective consultative selling strategy. But after you've attended the two day workshop and understand what to do, you need to apply it and fine tune it to get long-term results. And again, you need the support and feedback to keep you going in the right direction. This program provides the support, ideas, feedback, resources and inspiration to move your selling success forward with confidence.

The key to the effectiveness of a group like this is the structure of support. Other members will give you input on your materials, offer resources, give feedback, and provide encouragement. You won't feel like you're working in a vacuum. And you end up getting ideas and information you would never get if you were not in a group.

Program Format

This is a 6 month program consisting of 5 Modules. Each module covers advanced parts of the sales pyramid. In addition there is a bonus module on Prospecting. The TeleClasses are held every other week for 6 months and last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. The following materials are included in the class;

Format Manufacturer Topic
Audio CD Sales Coach Quick Lessons and Role Plays
  OMG Sales Mind
Internet Interactive Training Module Sales Coach Prospecting
  Sales Coach The Sales Process A-Z
  Sales Coach Overcoming  Stalls & Objections
  OMG Qualifier
Books 1st Books Mindless Selling
  authorhouse Baseline Selling
  Sales Coach Common Sense Selling

If interested contact us for the next start date 7

Time for Weekly Sessions: 11:00 a.m. Central (10 Mountain, 9 Pacific, Noon Eastern,) Sessions are 60 minutes to 75 minutes long.
The calls are conducted through a telephone bridge line which you can access from anywhere in the world. There will be a maximum of 12 participants in each group for peak interaction and personal attention
Each session you'll send in a report, plan or share a sales experience you're working on to all the other members of the group. In the sessions we'll all give you feedback, ideas, resources and support to help you take things to the next level. In addition, you'll get homework and assignments and you'll make a promise for what you'll work on between sessions. In other words, we'll "hold your feet to the fire" to make sure you keep moving forward.
The Five Modules and their respected topics are:

Module Topics
Rules of Engagement KASH, Trust, NLP, Sales Magic, Wavelength
Prospecting Cold Calls Introductions, Referrals,
Discovery/Motivation Qualifying, Happy, Motivators, No Rollovers
Resources Resources, Decisions, Presentations,
Decisive Bravery
Mindsets Eliminate Mind Trash, Affirmations, Action Plans

The Group Is For You If...

You are totally 100% committed to sales success and will dedicate your self to attend the sessions by pre planning your schedule around these classes and participating in all pre and post class work no matter what. This group is not of everyone. If you make excuses and can not commit to the schedule and work you will not make a sales breakthrough. Provided you commit you can expect to see substantial and meaningful increases to your sales success. If you do the homework and are still not satisfied, you can ask for a full or partial refund. If you do not do the homework, the only guarantee is that it will not work for you!

Program Fee: Please contact us for current pricing.

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