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December 4, 2002  

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This Issue: File, Don't Pile
by Ted Gulas

Proven Techniques for Managing Your Files:
Use hanging file folders for general subject areas and insert manila file folders with specific subject headings within the hanging file folders. (i.e. General Area "Meetings" / Specific File Folders within General Area "Staff Meetings", "Team Meetings", "Sales Meetings", "Quality Task Force Meetings")

Keep your files slim no thicker than one inch thick. By naming your files with specific titles, you can easily keep them slim and quickly find the exact document for which you are looking.

Store your most recent documents in the very front of each file folder. Every time you refer to a filed document, place a dot in the top right hand corner of it. This will help you easily purge your files each year. Obviously, the items that do not have any dots, have not been referred to in a year and can been comfortably discarded.

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Schedule a day, once a year, to purge your files. Remember, statistics show that 80% of what we file, we never look at again!

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