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October 19 , 2006

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The Tactic of Indifference

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Billy Bob was beside himself when he got an appointment with one of his top prospect target. During the first meeting things went extremely well.  Things went so well Billy Bob was positive he was going to get the business. He felt this was going to be his ticket to ride for making and or exceeding his quota for months to come. This was his ticket to get out of the "at leasters" list and jump to the top of the sales team results list. That sales trip to the Caribbean was not far behind. He told everyone about his good fortunes. He was extremely attached to this outcome. He knew he had to get it then BAM.... Things began to come apart and his competitor won the deal...


As Roseanna Roseanna Dana use to say on Saturday Night Light. "It's always something, if its not one thing it's something else". And in this case it was a mind set called attached to a specific outcome. This attachment is based on fear, scarcity and insecurity of not having something. It does not mean giving up your goal, dream, the intention or the desire. The subconscious mind drives thoughts and actions. For example, you desperately want a piece of business. You lock your subconscious mind on that piece of business while at the same time you plant a seed that you will be disappointed if you do not get it. Watch out, you have set yourself up for subconscious conflict. The result you will get deeply disappointed if you do not get it. That is the best way not to get the business.


Billy Bob's sales leader, Mary Sue explained the tactic of indifference. The tactic of indifference is based on detaching your self from a specific outcome from a specific opportunity. You reinforce that by having total faith that your dreams and goals will be achieved. That is a true sign of security. She explained how thinking big picture which included relaxing and focusing on his goals and dreams was the right mindset. She explained that there are an infinite number of possibilities between X (today's reality) and Y (tomorrow's goals). If one opportunity in your pipeline blows up another one will not....

This is why she prescribed that Billy Bob review his OMG Assessment especially those Sales Weakness called Negative Records. One of the best ways to fix those Negative Records is with affirmations.  Here are a few Mary Sue suggested for Billy Bob perhaps you should also consider these:

I will make my sales objectives and enjoy my dreams for years to come.

I realize a significant amount of prospects known and unknown to me today will gladly sign enough purchase orders this year to meet or exceed my goals.

Now reinforce those positive believes with the right actions such as developing your sales strengths. Next, consistently execute your prospecting plan to fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities and you are off to winning the race....



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