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March 24, 2004

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Do You Have HiPo Characteristics?

In recent HR surveys*, identifying, retaining, and developing high potential employees ("HiPos") has emerged as a key priority for many organizations. How do you recognize HiPos? What attracts them to an organization and motivates them to stay?

Since potential performance does not necessarily equate with current performance, identifying the "right stuff" that managers desperately seek in their people is more complex than understanding who the current top performers are. What you look for in HiPos are the skills and attributes that will quickly propel them into roles of increasing responsibility, challenge, and, ultimately, success.

  • Learning agility. Does the person learn eagerly and quickly? Has he/she shown a consistent pattern of learning over time?
  • Openness to feedback. Does he/she act on feedback? How receptive is he/she to criticism?
  • Willingness to take risks. Will he/she challenge the status quo to support the organization's best interests? Does he/she have the courage to act, even when others in the same situation may hesitate?
  • Dedication to their development. Will he/she develop areas of weakness that are critical to success?
  • Emotional intelligence. Does this person motivate others, demonstrate self-awareness, and build relationships across all levels in the organization?

This program provides the skills needed to control your time and increase your productivity for life.

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Retention and Development
Being in a job that challenges HiPos to constantly learn is essential - one that allows them to take risks and question the status quo and prevents them from being stagnant. HiPos also enjoy having a clear line-of-sight to how they affect the success of the business. In addition, they like to be surrounded by capable, motivated team members and an inspiring manager.

To effectively attract, develop, and retain HiPos, place them in challenging environments where learning is a way of being in the organization. To find out if you and your team have the HiPo characteristics, check our Priority Profile assessment tool.

It's never too late to make learning a priority and ensure your future leaders stay put.

*Aon Consulting


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