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March 7, 2006

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Sales Tip: Is it Urgent Enough to Buy?

We are featuring the new book by Dave Kurlan titled "Baseline Selling" How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know About the Game of Baseball. Dave Kurlan's new book has successfully managed to contrast the six well known sales methodologies, against an effective, easy to understand and execute model of selling, he calls "Baseline Selling". One area that sets this selling model and thus the book apart is Dave's ability to weave "Baseline Selling" with sound fundamental sales principals from numerous sales experts and pioneers. The result is an easy to remember and execute sales model. An example of this that sales executives will appreciate is the impact the" Visual Pipeline" will have on their sales teams. The analogy to baseball and all its terminologies to sales is pure genius.

Situation: The ABC Company had initiated a large marketing campaign which resulted in numerous web site hits and phone calls to the Company. Their ace salesperson Billy Bob would field many of these calls. The net result was Billy Bob’s activity rate soared. His day was filled with one appointment after another. But at the end of the quarter all that activity did not result in increased sales. In fact Billy Bob’s number and his sales team member’s numbers dropped by over 20%.


Problem: This scenario is akin to being coached to improve your golf game. The Pro golfer repeatedly advises you to practice. So each afternoon you spend an hour or so at the driving range. After several weeks you see the golf pro again and you are worse than before. The conclusion imperfect practice creates imperfect results. Billy Bob and his teammates were perfecting imperfect practice on their prospects by not executing a proven Selling Style that will distinguish the buyer’s motivation. May Sue explained to Billy Bob his Need for Approval and other Bravery issues like Recovering From Rejection, Controls Emotion, Comfortable Talking About Money, and Supportive Buy Cycle was preventing him from isolating the buyers motivation. For instance prospects buy for two reason and two emotional reasons only pain or gain. She went on to explain there are other dimensions to that pain/gain model for instance present past and future pain or gain. A sales person’s Bravery issues will confuse interest for pain or gain. Mary Sue outlined that from a buyers perspective they will act faster (sense of urgency) if the cost of their pain or gain future past or present is greater than your solution. It is your job as a sales person to help the buyer discover that cost and make sure you are not wasting time with those that are just interested.  As in anything else there remain exceptions. For instance many purchases begin with nothing more compelling than mild interest in the product or service. The skilled sales person, by asking discovery questions using the DNA Judo Tactics, is often able to uncover true motivators, which may not be apparent to the prospect. And in today’s complex selling environment a prospect may not even know their real issue or how to fix it. That is where the seasoned professional sales people can help the prospect discover a valued added solution to improve their situation.

First fix your Bravery and Selling Style issues by purchasing Sales Mind or following an affirmation system for changing your Broken Records/Believes that are sabotaging your results. Make sure you have a coach or are participating in a Discovery Achievement Group that will help you master the behaviors under these Selling Strengths  Next understand the most important qualifying questions are the ones you ask yourself. Do you really know your prospects level of motivation pain or gain future past or present?  Are you mistaking interest for pain or gain? If you are not sure ask yourself some of the following questions as you carry on your meaningful conversation with the prospect..

  • What am I dealing with here?
  • Does the prospect have a problem she is COMMITTING to fix now or is she just worried that if she does not address some issues she will have a problem latter?
  • When is latter?
  • Is the prospect simply fishing for information?
Send us an e-mail at results@gulasgroup.com (in the subject line write qualifying) and we will return over 18 powerful qualifying questions? Or purchase Dave Kurlan’s new book Baseline Selling and sign up today with The Gulas Group for the Visual Pipeline it is only $60.00 per year.

Contact the Gulas Group today and discuss the process for allowing a job to talk. That’s right let the job tell you the knowledge a person needs, personal attributes required to drive success, rewards for superior performance, hard skills vital for the job, behaviors necessary to perform at peak levels and intrinsic motivators. After you perform this process, you can compare all current and new staff members to the results and provide a development plan for each. Development plans and performance evaluations that are job related are much more effective than those based on one person’s opinion. Join us March 24, 2006 for a free 90 minute executive briefing titled ;The Five Things A Job Can Tell You to Develop Your Team & Make You More Money

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