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January 19, 2010

Productivity Tips Newsletter
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February 2 , 2010
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Sales and Sales Management Tips January 2010:
 How Your Selling Mindset will Drive Results

Mary had seen this before. You hire a new sales person, under the pressure of filling in an empty slot that is open because you were not consistently prospecting for sales people
. Then after you assess them and send them to training nothing extraordinary happens. In fact the results are long sales cycles, low closing rates, excessive discounting or other concessions to motivate a reluctant buyer. Mary the sales leader has concluded that the new hire is mediocre at best when it comes to qualifying, openly discussing money issues and getting in front of real decision makers.

Mary consulted with a sales development company who helped her diagnosis the issues concerning Bob the new sales recruit. The conclusion was that Broken Records or Mindset which is that space between both ears was negative. For instance upon an interview with Bob these common beliefs derived from values upon growing up in our society permeated his self talk.

  1. “Do not talk to strangers”
  2. “Don’t bother important people they are busy”
  3. “It is impolite to ask too many questions”
  4. “Answer me when I ask you question”
  5. “It is impolite to discuss money”

How are these negative beliefs impacting Bob’s sales results? Mary concluded that these were some of the impacts from Bob’s negative beliefs.

How can Bob make prospecting sales calls if he can’t talk to strangers?  Bob will create long sales cycles which will occur because he calls unimportant prospects. Bob will not be able to qualify because he will be lost as he asks questions and then attempts to determine the intent behind other people’s questions.  Because of Bob’s mindset on money he will not talk about money. Speaking of money how will Bob create a budget when you don’t have one or even determine what their budgets are?

Beliefs drive actions, actions create results, and results reinforce beliefs. The first step is to acknowledge the problem exists. Also one must understand to drive extraordinary sales results Bob or any sales person must work on three areas, beliefs, behaviors and selling systems. Mary’s first bit of advice to Bob was to carve out time each week to work on all three areas. Mary suggested Bob plan each week the week before and make sure he set an appointment with him self on the calendar for continuous learning in all three areas.

Next Mary asked Bob to make a list of the negative consequences created from a particular negative mind set. For example, believing that you shouldn’t bother important people will inhibit you from calling at the top, thus forcing you into a position where you are making presentations to people who can’t say yes.

This slows down the sales process, lowers your closing rate and reduces your sales.
Commit yourself to overcoming the problem. Re-write the non-supportive belief. (“I always call at the top of an organization which creates a shorter sales cycle.”) Tell it to yourself over and over until your subconscious now has a new belief. Your new belief will cause you to act differently. No longer will you consider it acceptable to present to non-decision makers and you’ll find your sales cycle shortened and you’ll close a higher percentage of your proposals.

First things first, you have to change your beliefs if you want to change your results.


Newsletter Follow Up Update To September 2009 Newsletter on the fallacy of taking three bids. Almost six years after construction began in Madison County Alabama the jail is still not occupied. The project is 80 Billion over budget is still not occupied. It is good to know the County took three bids and did pick the lowest price.


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