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January 06, 2006

Sales & Sales Management Newsletter
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We are featuring the new book by Dave Kurlan titled "Baseline Selling" How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know About the Game of Baseball. Dave Kurlan's new book has successfully managed to contrast the six well known sales methodologies, against an effective, easy to understand and execute model of selling, he calls "Baseline Selling". One area that sets this selling model and thus the book apart is Dave's ability to weave "Baseline Selling" with sound fundamental sales principals from numerous sales experts and pioneers. The result is an easy to remember and execute sales model. An example of this that sales executives will appreciate is the impact the" Visual Pipeline" will have on their sales teams. The analogy to baseball and all its terminologies to sales is pure genius.

February 15 & 16 2006 is the next DNA Selling Boot Camp in Huntsville Alabama.
For more information and register click here

Announcement: Never satisfied we are changing the name of our selling system from DNA Selling to the DNA Sales Platform featuring Baseline and Common Sense Selling Models. While the sales pyramid will be the same some significant improvements are being added in for easier implementation of the system. Any one who has attended the course in the past is welcome to re sit any of our DNA Selling Boot Camps is the future.

Many of the sales people we have worked with in the past have had serious time management issues, that is, until they attended one of the many Priority Management classes we offer. For those using a PDA or Microsoft Outlook you may want to attended a free executive preview titled

The Key Ingredients to Managing Your Workload In Today's "Tech Rich, Time Poor" Work Place.

The event will be held at your computer via MS Office Meeting ON Line. Space is limited to 14 per class last time we offered this program we had to break the participants into three classes. Our first scheduled event is February 9, 2006.

Controversy over Features and Benefits

Situation: Billy Bob was assigned a learning exercise to read Dave Kurlan's new book "Baseline Selling." Upon reviewing the six sales methodologies Bill Bob became very confused wrestling over the concept that features and benefit selling was at a disadvantage when compared with solution type selling. For instance Billy Bob had always been taught to know everything about the product so that he could present properly and earn the prospects respect by being able to handle any objection that may arise. Upon reading the book he was curious how he was going to get the prospect or existing clients to share emotional issues, get serious commitments, while elaborating about what will happen if they cannot fix the problem.

Problem: Billy Bob like so many sales people today had been measured by activity and pressure to get the sale so that the monthly sales number can be reached no matter what. Many of his previous sales manager's had done such an effective job of drumming the " tell our story", " persuade them we are the right company for them" and just "get the order mantra", that he was fearful to carry on a meaningful dialogue with his prospect for fear of missing the end of month numbers. This resulted in what folks call premature presentation or information dumps where he would present early and often all the great things his product could do. May Sue his new sales leader shared with Billy Bob that features, and their associated benefits are meaningless to the prospect unless they have a problem that the features addresses. The problem (pain) or gain must be discovered and articulated by the prospect or the feature and benefit can be viewed as one other thing that will just run up the price.

Solution: May Sue outlined a way that Billy Bob could incorporate what he knows about the product into a solution/consultative selling model by suggesting he take some time to really understand what his product and or service solves. Once you have a clear picture of what your product or service solves use that as bait to uncover what hidden emotional reasons the buyer may use as motivation to purchase. Use this picture of the problem as the starting point of your discovery shaft. At this starting point of your discovery shaft think about how wonderful it would be if you could paint a picture about how your new _______________fixes the ___________hassle, about how your unique ____________ helps the prospect do_________, and why your _________was developed to overcome the __________issue that most clients face. Billy Bob was instructed to learn how to ask meaningful problem related type questions. As a result the prospect will enter into a meaningful conversation allowing him to uncover their true motivation to purchase. Once this true motivation to purchase is uncovered you can set up a customized and targeted presentation and or proposal just for them.

Here is an example of using the feature of on going reinforcement as a way to flush out the buyer's true motivation to buy. "On going reinforced training" solves the frustration many companies incur when spending lots of money on one or two day training events that have no lasting impact. Some people have labeled this one to two day training suntan training because it gives a nice glow for a few days' buts fads very quickly. Now formulate the bait type question from this picture: " Have you every been concerned about spending lots of money sending people to a one to two day seminars, only to determine little or no lasting change in their results over time? Or if your prefer use a bit of Judo in your question with a bit of the negative and ask Don't suppose you guys have had any issues around spending lots of money sending people to a one to two day seminar, only to determine little or no lasting change in results over time? If the answer is positive, then one would probe much deeper to uncover the emotional pain and the impact this was causing for the individual, team and or organization. From there you could discuss the cost of that consequence in three dimensions and whether they were predisposed and committed at this time to solve that issue. Having gathered all that significant and powerful emotional reason to purchase you now refer to their concerns and the cost derived from the failure of this sun tan training to bring about lasting and meaningful change in your presentation or proposal. The beauty of using the discovery shaft is that when you propose a solution it will be their solution to their problem not your guess as to what they need… Remember to get good at this you must master the 21 selling competencies specifically review those around style and bravery.

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