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May 1, 2008

Productivity Tips Newsletter
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In addition to recruitment and retention this organization is using the “how”, “why” and “what” information from the TriMetrix for employee coaching and development, performance appraisals, leadership and succession planning. What can the Gulas Group do for you in these areas?

Why do 60% of personnel in Organizations today want Leadership Development?

When asked, If you were to receive coaching at work, what focus would be of greatest benefit to you? 59.8 percent of respondents chose leadership development, according to a survey from executive coaching firm C02 Partners, based in Wayzata, MN. The survey, conducted over the internet, reached 3,447 mostly mid- to senior-level managers.
If 59.8% of employees choose leadership development as being of the greatest benefit to them, is opportunity for leadership development thriving in your organization? Are you assessing employees for key leadership qualities and providing the necessary training, coaching and/or development? Contact Ted at results@gulasgroup.com  today and get a free leadership assessment to use for your organization. You can also participate in a coaching session to learn what you can do to implement the key qualities of an organizational leader which provides you with an edge on leadership development that has been researched, validated, and proven to work in a variety of different situations, including employee advancement, succession planning, and training as a retention tool. 

Performance Tip: Key to Superior Performance


A local company was experiencing issues with talent selection and retention of superior performers. It seemed that their new recruits had exceptional work history and great credentials on their résumés. Unfortunately the new candidates did not fit well into the organization’s culture. One downside to the organization was the “cost per revenue” generated for new and existing employees was rapidly increasing for client service and technical personnel.


Traditional recruiting and retention methods do not provide a factual base line to determine the critical criteria to superior performance. In addition, preparing a true individual development plan once the candidate was hired became very rare. The result of weak or non-existent development plans was the skills and weakness when hired never were isolated and addressed properly.


The local company began using a proven tool used worldwide called the TriMetrix. The tool provides a method to benchmark each job based on what that job would say provided it could talk regarding three dimensions of superior performance.

The first dimension isolated is the communication styles the candidate brings to the job. This process shows how a person likes to receive and disseminate information. This information is critical if leaders are going to influence how action plans get understood and executed by team members. The objective here is to eliminate the noise that gets in the way of delegation and collaboration on projects, goals and opportunities.

The second dimension is why candidates are motivated to come to work each day which is directly linked to the values they bring into a workplace. Each employee values map is wired a certain way. Every employee needs their leaders to motivate them based on how their values are wired. This organization discovered that by understanding what motivates each employee toward superior performance then it becomes much easier to provide that stimulus in the workplace resulting in, work getting done on time and without that, “I’ll do it because you’re my boss mentality.”

Knowing what the individual is capable of doing in 23 critical capacities or personal skills becomes the third dimension measured. Each skill was ranked and compared to the organization benchmark to make sure they can perform equal to or better than the standards the organization expects for superior performance. Knowing what the cognitive make up of the candidate is in 23 personal skill sets allowed this organization to shorten the ramp up time it took for the candidate to get measurable and profitable results.

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