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 December 8, 2004

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Unlock the Power of Microsoft® Outlook®

A Business Person's Guide to Supercharging Your Microsoft® Outlook® Software.

For those of us that are Microsoft® Outlook® Challenged, You know who you are....
This guide is for those who have lost their sense of priority. Everything is urgent. Nothing is truly meaningful. We just have a zillion things to get done - NOW! Not only is this extraordinarily stressful, it is living an illusion, a lie. Truth be known some things are certainly more important than other things.

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"Unlock the Power of Microsoft® Outlook®"

By Greg Sparks
Priority Master Franchise Developer Australia

In a global competitive market, we are constantly challenged to deliver measurable improvements, increase productivity and do it now! But just how do you go about it? In the last decade the answer was to throw technology at the problem-more laptops, 'hand-helds' and a faster internet connection would do the job. It worked to speed up the flow of information, indeed it resulted in a digital deluge, but it left in its wake 'skills amnesia'. Many have forgotten that essential management skills are still at the core of high performance and that the development of these skills is the fastest and best way to increase both personal and team productivity while keeping a healthy life/work balance.

We have become enamored with self-imposed deadlines and with the adrenaline rush they produce. Many believe that chasing the next deadline is what makes them important. The reality is that most of our frenetic 'busy-ness' is a way to avoid thinking and doing what is most important. There's a difference between being busy and being productive.

It may come as a surprise but it has been found that as few as 10% of people are truly productive and move the organization's agenda forward. The rest may look busy, but they could be just spinning their wheels-answering every e-mail that hits their Inbox, every voice mail they receive-their crowning glory is logging the most hours.

High-performance people embody several elements (essential skill sets) for driving both personal and team productivity.

Here are three of the most important:

  1. Focus - the motivation to zero in on purposeful goals, take accountability for them and see them through to completion, to inspire others to share their objectives and concentrate on the key projects. Motivation and goal setting are inextricably intertwined. Motivation inspires goal setting and goal setting clarifies and connects us to our values. Goal setting enables you to cope with shifting priorities and crisis management.

  2. Communication - most of us spend a good deal of our days engaged in some form of communication. Indeed many people are communicating in one form or another for 80% of their time at work. While reading and writing remain the core essential communication tools, it is increasingly via the Internet that most communication takes place. It is vital that individuals and their organizations develop workable protocols for Internet communication and voice mail. An e-mail charter is an essential tool in today's workplace.

  3. Energy - the vigor you need to thrive not merely survive in a competitive market will come from two sources. Firstly, the intense personal commitment to achieve your goals and secondly by leading a balanced life. Your use of time affects your body, your health, your stress levels and general happiness. We may live in a 24-hour society with instant communications, but you do not have a 24-hour body. Whether or not we like it, our bodies follow the movement of the sun. And you must respect this changeless truth. Those people who can keep a healthy life/work balance are the least stressed and are the true successes in life.

Start today to develop the thinking that will help you stay calm, happy and prolong your life! Priority Management has made stress reduction an integral part of its ethos. By developing essential management skills such as focus, personal organization, communication and life/work balance, you will learn how to stay in control and increase personal performance.

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