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December 4, 2008

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Performance Tip : Reinvent Yourself

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The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It Yourself
By Daniel Stamp

The most frequently asked question by Priority clients is, "how do I achieve a better life/work balance and reduce my stress?" Our response is always the same - you alone are responsible for inventing the future! And it's never too late to create a 'future perfect'.
Many people don't seem to grasp this basic truth-they hope the boss, their work colleagues or even their partners will miraculously change the status quo. Some believe that it's just a matter of waiting for the New Year, a new job or a new partner.
If you truly want to achieve better balance, feel more in control of your life and reduce your stress at the same time follow this process:

Write one written goal for these six areas of your life: work; learning; physical; social; family and spiritual


Carpe diem - do it today!


For the next seven days choose just ONE item from The Ten Action Steps below and commit by adding to your task list:

  • make an appointment in your calendar to do something that makes you feel good
  • learn a new skill/start reading a good book
  • get outdoors-go for a walk, a swim or play a game of tennis
  • call an old friend
  • volunteer in your community
  • join a club or special interest group
  • arrange a one-on-one with someone close in your family (a child, sibling or partner)
  • go and see a play/opera and support your local arts scene
  • share something important with a trusted friend
  • practice a good breathing technique at least twice a day

Don't put this off until tomorrow-remember you only have to do ONE item a day to get results-it's much easier than losing weight! We guarantee that if you start this program today, make written goals a habit, you will join the 10% of people who create their own future!

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