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September 10, 2005

Productivity Tips Newsletter
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A lot of our current Priority Manager clients once attend some type of time management course. Despite attending the class they got significant and measurable output by attending the Priority Manager Class. Much has been written about why that occurs. The best explanation is they are working at productivity stages one to four. If you are interested in determining at which stage you or your teammates may be functioning at then take this free productivity challenge
By Dan Stamp

On my drive home from the office last week my cell phone chimed four times and my passenger checked his Blackberry twice-all in the space of fifteen minutes.

A recent survey by Hewlett-Packard found not surprisingly that over sixty percent of workers are addicted to checking messages out of office hours and while on vacation. The same survey concluded that these constant interruptions from technology robbed the average person of 10 IQ points-double the drop caused by missing a night's sleep-or of smoking pot!

Being constantly connected and 'in the know' will undoubtedly turn you into an informaniac and in time will lower your productivity and create unnecessary stress in your life. Signs of informania are everywhere-cell phones interrupting the romantic dinner date, a buzz in the pocket breaking into the all too rare conversation with a child, the laptop taken home at weekends and on the family vacation are all indications that work has overtaken life in the search for work/life balance.

The Gulas Group is celebrating its 16th year in business. Most of you on our newsletter list have been clients of ours for a long time and we want to say thank you for that support. During the past 16 years we have added many offerings from Priority Manager, TTI, Dave Kurlan at OMG and our own DNA Selling curricula. In an effort to prevent you from perceiving us only as a one offering resource we will be introducing you to various offerings and no charge events.

Here is a listing of our Priority resources.

Being constantly 'on' is also the enemy of creative thinking and innovation. Talking on the phone, answering countless emails or rushing to the next meeting does not allow you to think things through or answer the most important question-what's my real priority!

Put simply, overwork is just plain bad for business and bad for your health and happiness. Without enough time to rest, think, recharge and enjoy a balanced life, people become anxious, error prone and ill. All of our surveys show that what makes us happy and healthy is having enough time for family, friends, exercise and good old fashioned lazing around! So what to do?

Firstly, ask yourself if you pass the tombstone test. Will your tombstone read- 'answered every email received' or something more in keeping with your values? When did your boss last ask 'how much business did you get through while on vacation?'

Secondly, ask yourself 'who is going to get my life in balance?' If it's the person in the next cubicle-make an appointment with her immediately and ask for the plan. If it's the person sitting reading this then answer the next question.

Thirdly, 'what am I going to do differently today?' Am I going to turn my cell off when I leave the office, shall I go for a walk after dinner or call a friend. Maybe I'll just sit around and read a book.

So, if your inner workaholic is winning the race - it's time to make a change. If your technology is in charge of you - it's time to make a change. If you want to be happier ,healthier, more productive and more creative - it's time to make a change.

Daniel Stamp (dstamp@prioritymanagement.com) is the chair and founder of Priority Management Systems Inc.

P.S. I let all the calls I receive in the car go to voicemail and never take my laptop on vacation!

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