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January 10, 2005

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Unlock the Power of Microsoft® Outlook®

A Business Person's Guide to Supercharging Your Microsoft® Outlook® Software.

For those of us that are Microsoft® Outlook® Challenged, You know who you are....
This guide is for those who have lost their sense of priority. Everything is urgent. Nothing is truly meaningful. We just have a zillion things to get done - NOW! Not only is this extraordinarily stressful, it is living an illusion, a lie. Truth be known some things are certainly more important than other things.

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"Unlock the Power of Microsoft® Outlook®"

What to Do With Happy Prospects

Sales and Sales Leaders Tips


Billy Bob ended his last quarter with significant activity but nothing to show for his efforts especially when it came to opening new business. He did the dials, asked clients for referrals and introductions but the same issue continued coming up. Billy Bob's suspects and clients kept saying those magic phrases that scare a sales person out of their cognitive reasoning: We are happy with the current situation or we are just not interested.


Mary Sue, Billy Bob's sales leader, mentioned that suspects have been to, "knee jerk reactions school", which teaches those magic phrases; we are happy or just not interested. The real reason for saying those things is the suspect is not engaged, does not trust you and views you as a old times salesperson only worried about themselves. Mary Sue went on to say, "Truth is these stalls may be knee jerk reactions other times they may be justified" "Billy Bob as a Sales Warrior your job is to distinguish which one it is."


Mary Sue suggested Billy Bob use this strategy when he hears we are happy (not interested)

Mr. Suspect, that is a typical response we get, may I make an observation then ask you a question?

Certain situations circumstances or events may make one happy (or not interested) at the moment and I would never want to contest what makes you happy (or not interested). Mr. or Ms. X the fact that you are happy (or nor interested), does that mean the current situation is the right way or perhaps the only way?

If the suspect answers no great then say:

Good then your organization is pro - active and does not wish to get caught in the downward spiral called "paralysis of progress." Mr. or Ms. X, are you open to looking for a better way and continue avoiding the "paralysis of progress"?
Book the appointment or next step…

If they answer yes to the question say:

Without trying to upset you, is it not true then if we believe that, then all other ways are wrong and the result is "paralysis of progress"

So I submit to you that which makes us happy today (or not interested today) can be a good thing especially if one acts on it and executes. The questions remain is this the only way or is there a better way and will you look for it? Mr. or Ms. X, are you open to looking for a better way?

If they say no thank them for taking the call note the response in your planner and call back at another time.

One last thought no one reading this today will use this strategy until they have mastered all the sales competencies under "Bravery" an essential selling strength. For help in that area contact us about "Sales Mind" and enrollment in our Discovery Achievement Group.

If the prospect says no after this they probably are not qualified so move on. But if you are really not ready to rollover yet you can use the Utopia strategy. We will save that one for our Discovery Achievement Groups.

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