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March 17, 2009

Productivity Tips Newsletter
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Free Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator, which gives Executives the total cost of their sales hiring mistakes including both Ghosts and Under Achievers.

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New Return on Investment Measurement System

Isolate any of these Metrics before Investing Development Dollars:

  • Disengaged workers
  • Employee Turnover-General
  • Employee Turnover-Hard
  • Employee Turnover-Soft
  • Percentage of Employee Turnover
  • Percentage of Unwanted
  • Employee Turnover
  • Retention Percentage
  • Retention Percentage by
  • Length of Employment
  • Sales Call Center ROI
  • Tenure Analysis
  • Training –Customer Service
  • Training –Sales
  • Training-Team Building
  • Unwanted Employee Turnover Analysis


Boost the Horsepower of you and your Team in these Scary Times


This morning I was reading my monthly Car and Driver Magazine. The article that caught my attention read, “Add 195 Turbo Charged Horses to a Challenger SRT 8.”

One of the things that took me by surprise was that 20 of these stock SRT 8 Dodge Chargers were in the shop to be converted from their initial cost of 55,455 to $97,690. What does adding 195 turbo charged horses have to do with improving you or your team of performers in these scary economic times?  Here are a few observations you may want to consider.

  • The stock SRT8 already has a 425 horsepower power plant. The observation is you may already be a strong performer. You may already have many strong performers on your team. Just because you or your team is strong you may not think horsepower boost is in order today.
  • The cost to upgrade the stock SRT8 is $151.00 per one new bonus horsepower and that is just for the power plant. A 31% increase in output cost $29, 500. You can boost your results of each individual member of your team 30% or more for an investment of 4% or less of each person’s total annual income.
  • Pretend for a moment you could improve your results or the results from your team by 30% or more. What specific things would begin to occur that would increase revenues, decrease costs and improve your asset management even in scary times like today?


Some of you may be asking, “Okay, what is the first step that my organization and I need to do to boost our horsepower especially in tough economic times when everyone is cutting back?” To answer that question start right now by asking and answering these seven questions:

  1. What is the emotional makeup of each team member that creates the foundational skills to learn, change and embrace new ideas and creative concepts?
  2. How do those emotional skills or lack of emotional quotient impact the results we are currently getting individually and from the team?
  3. How does each member of my team do what they do?
  4. Once you know how each team member does what they do, how does that impact the communication and the results that come from that communication?
  5. Why does each of my team members do what they do?
  6. Once you understand why each member of the team does what they do, how will that impact your system to inspire and motivate them beyond current expectations?
  7. What is an easy, quick, reliable method to coach and hold you and team members accountable to key result areas, consistently and proactively?


For your second step contact Ted Gulas at the Gulas Group to discuss how they can set you up to take advantage of three reports and an on line coaching software tool. These reports and the on line tool will provide you scientifically validated answers to all the questions above. The even better news is these reports and the coaching tool is available to all the readers of this newsletter for no investment on your part. Make your decision today to boost the horsepower of your team.

Act today - time to participate is limited to the next thirty days.


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