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September 12, 2003  

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This issue gives insight into the "Workaholics" Discipline.

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Workaholics - Compulsion or Discipline?
by Ted Gulas

"Few people do business well who do nothing else" -Lord Chesterfield

In last month's Priority LearningLink survey, 21% of respondents said they put their job first and were workaholics. Another 26% weren't quite sure but are starting to manifest typical workaholic behavior - such as working through lunch and putting in lots of extra hours after work.

Most workaholics perceive themselves to be highly disciplined people simply because they work so hard. In reality, our workaholism is not a sign of discipline, but of another not so flattering trait - that of compulsion or behavior without rational choice.

The workaholic has allowed the job to intrude into every area of life, not through choosing that path but by lacking the discipline and skills necessary to define boundaries for business and personal activities. Workaholics have given permission to others to set these boundaries - the boss, the cellphone, the computer, the voice mail are really in charge of the workaholic's life. Without a strong sense of self and a goal for balance, the workaholic does not know when to say no - literally, does not know when to call it a day.

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No matter how ingrained this behavior might be, you can change for the better, starting today. It might be as simple as deciding the hour at which you start and end each day or scheduling an hour to exercise each day. Whatever you decide, take the first step now. The best way is to have a written plan for each day. Set appointments with yourself for important aspects of your life outside the office. Where your personal life is concerned, you have to learn to say yes. Establishing a routine that separates your business and personal life is the sign of true discipline and the best measure of your values.

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