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April 10, 2003  

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Are You Stressed Out?

To assess your stress level,
take the


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This Issue: Stress - What Is It All About Alfie?
by Ted Gulas

Based on a recent Priority Management survey, 'IT' IS ALL ABOUT STRESS. Over 50% of the respondents told us stress is impacting their lives in a very negative way - to the point their life was unbalanced. Want to know how your stress level stacks-up? Go to the 10-question quiz and then compare your results to the average levels of stress for your demographic profile. Upon completion, take a few 'relaxing' minutes to review the 12 stress buster tips.

If you're not into surveys, the following brief may be of use.

3 Ways to Achieve a Balanced Life and Reduce Stress
Our online survey also revealed that 52% of the respondents thought that achieving a work/life balance was the key management skill. In all truth, once you get on the work and spend treadmill it's most difficult to get off. The first victims are often your health, your family, and your happiness. The only thing that goes up is your stress level.

Many factors, some out of your control, will draw you away from balance and into stress. But the first step to finding your balance is to realize that balance will not come about on its own.

You have to create balance on purpose: here's how:

Don't Be A Victim of Stress!
Manage Your Priorities

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  1. Balance is driven by the pursuit of meaning - not the pursuit of money. So start by taking "The Tombstone Test". What would you rather have inscribed? "She answered her e-mails every day" or "Loving friend and mother".

  2. Have a vision or picture of the life you want to lead and write it down.

  3. Balance is an on-going goal - no one achieves it permanently, so check each month to ensure that balance is your number one goal.

The result - a better life today, tomorrow, and maybe forever

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