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October 26 , 2007

Sales & Sales Management Newsletter
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In this 15 chapter internet interactive IModule, you'll be taken through a very detailed approach to prospect more successfully. Included in this IModule are tips on cold calling, how to create a more impressive 20 second commercial (micro presentation) and steps on how to make a Cold Calling Journal, which will help you develop a much more successful prospecting process.

  • Introduction   
  • The Heart of A Cold Call
  • Initial Self Assessment
  • The Micro Presentation
  • The Traditional Call
  • Cold Calling Examples
  • The Fresh Approach
  • The 10 Cold Calling Tips
  • Attitudes & Beliefs
  • Getting the Most From Your Referrals
  • Where to Focus
  • Conclusion
  • Prospecting Journal 
  • Cold Calling Simulator
  • The New Theory Of Prospecting

Selling Tip: Stop Focusing on Price

Billy was always complaining regarding pricing issues to his sales leader Sue
. Sue decided to ride with Billy and coach him about the pricing issues. Sue observed that the buyers were controlling the questions and statements with regards to pricing. Sue made a list of the questions/statements she heard on their calls such as:

  • How much is it?
  • Can you give me a quote?
  • That seems like a lot. (Can also be expressed as body language).
  • Why is it so expensive?
  • I saw it for less.

Billy is getting just what he is focusing on; issues about pricing. Zig Ziglar calls this “stinking thinking.” Billy’s mindset is part of the “law of attraction” which states, “you get exactly what you focus on.” It is like catch 22. Billy focuses on price as an obstacle to success; therefore he gets price issues as objections. Billy’s only way to combat pricing issues is to cut price and lower margins.

Sue shared the following information with Billy. Sixty eight per cent of his fellow sales people, per a survey of the Sales Board, from a wide range of industries thought that price was the main concern of the customer. In contrast when customers were asked what was most important to them in a purchase their response was much different. The majority of people were more concerned with quality, service and relationship more than price.

Sue recommended that Billy begin to reprogram his sub conscious mind. The simplest way to reprogram a sales person’s mindset is using “Sales Mind” by Objective Management Systems Inc. The audio CD was in their sales library. Sue suggested checking it out and working with it for a minimum of 21 days.

Next Sue made a big banner and posted it in front of Billy’s desk so he could see it everyday. The banner reads: The only time price is the main issue is when there are no other factors that are more important. If price is more important you did not fully qualify the sale using the DNA Sales Systems strategy called the Discovery Shaft. The result is you lost control of the sale. To lose control is bad but not fatal. Billy will still have a 20% opportunity to win the quote. Just remember it is a quote not a sale.

Sue also insured Billy that during their pipeline debriefs she will be asking Billy the emotional reasons for the purchase. Billy must prove the emotional reasons for buying by verifying those emotional reasons through Artifacts. The Artifacts which are sent to the prospects after the sales call must clearly show that the prospect articulated the impacts, the costs of the impacts or future gain not currently being received. If that evidence is not produced then you have lost control of the sale and it is a quote.

Last Sue suggested using the DNA Sales System step one in the Sales Pryamid called Bonding and Rapport. She specifically recommended a better use of the “Rules of Engagement” strategy. In the “Rules of Engagement” strategy you can set up price as an area to address before the meaningful conversation should begin. For instance after the “Rules of Engagement”  are set say something like this, “Mr. Prospect,, my biggest concern is your focus will be on price and that addressing the true  reasons for making this purchase will take a backseat to price.” Sue explained that by addressing price earlier on you will receive a true understanding of how it fits the decision making process. It is at this point Billy can decide to fish or cut bait.

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