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July 13, 2004     

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Becoming A World Class Qualifier

Salespeople are quite adept at pitching features and benefits and making presentations, but their skill levels drop off dramatically when it comes to qualifying the prospect. In fact, most salespeople really don't understand what a qualified prospect is. This results in long selling cycles, price discounting and low closing rates. In this program you'll find out how to ?

  • Know the real difference between a suspect and a prospect.
  • Fully qualify your prospect for motivation, decision process and financial issues.
  • Understand when and how to build value.
  • Take the emphasis off price.
  • Dig deeper to understand the emotional buying triggers.
  • Test you knowledge of the subject before and after the session.
  • Practice qualifying your prospect in a non-threatening environment using our sales simulator

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Situation: Billy Bob an experienced sales person of over 17 years was always taught to know everything there is to know about the product or service his company has to offer. Old habits die hard so when Bill Bob found himself losing several major pieces of business over price he was worried that he may have made the incorrect carrer move. His current company kept exhorting Billy Bob to qualify and never dump features and benefits on unwitting suspects and prospects. This was creating conflict for Billy Bob.

Problem: Most sales people have a disease called "spray and pray". It has been drummed into them for years. To make matters worse, most sales training is not sales training but product training. The fact is your product or service is just not that much better than all others. If you left tomorrow and went to the competition you would be saying the same things about quality, delivery and such. Billy Bob's sales manager Mary Sue explained features and associated benefits, are meaningless to the prospect unless they have articulated an emotionally laced situation that a specific benefit addresses. In other words you have to be the vehicle that allows the prospect to discover then articulate value so price never is an issue. The counter of that is you will always be viewed as a commodity.

Solution: Begin today by building Problem Resolution Pictures. Take the time to understand then write down what specific features or benefits of your product or service is a distinct advantage. Then from that information make the most compelling written statement you can imagine. We call these statements Problem Resolution Pictures. Now do not make the mistake of leading with the PRP. What you want to do is design who, what, when, where, how, and which questions that will allow the prospect to answerer in such a way to allow them to discover by your questioning that you are indeed different.

Here is an example from my world:

Strategy: Problem Resolution Pictures tied to the Discovery Shaft

PRP: The customized sales development process we offer creates a lasting meaningful result especially when compared against the frustration of the lower price but higher cost of conventional trainings short term impact.

Tie this to the Discovery Shaft:

  • Symptom: What has been some of the measurable results regarding maintaining margins, finding the right decision maker and preventing sales person complacency that feel from your last sales training?

  • Answerer: It has been ok but we still have some margin issues

  • Problem; Thanks for sharing that, what sort of concerns have resulted from those margin issues?

  • Answerer: We missed our profit forecast by 10%

  • Consequence: Interesting 10% when you talked to your sales trainer about how their on going coaching and TeleClasses would correct that what did they say?

  • Answerer: They did not provide that as part of the program.

  • Quantification: This sounds important. Suppose they did provide a way to prevent that 10% loss to the bottom line through customized coaching and ongoing development, ball park how much would that have added to the bottom line?

  • Answerer : About $35,000

  • Quantification. The first year???

  • Answerer: Yes

  • Quantification: How long ago did you do the training?

  • Answer: Three years ago

  • Feelings: Jim how does it make you feel as CEO to know you have placed $75,00 at risk by working with a sales training company versus a sales development company which does provide on going customized reinforcement which prevents margin problems we just discussed?

  • Answerer: Pretty upset it seems I got what I paid for not much long term value……

How effective can one strategy like this become for you?
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