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June 9, 2004     

Sales & Sales Management Newsletter
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This issue deals with gatekeepers

Billy Bob was charged with developing a list of prospects for new services his Company was offering. It has been a few years since Billy Bob had to do some serious cold calling. For some reason it seemed that the gatekeepers were much better than he had remembered at preventing him from talking to decision makers. His feelings of unworthiness were begging to creep in to his mind. Couple that with the pressure management was placing on him for results and one could readily see why frustration was becoming the prevailing emotion.

Thoughts lead to beliefs which manifest themselves into actions. When Mary Sue began to coach Billy Bob she pointed out his old believes or records about gatekeepers were preventing him from maximizing his results. Mary Sue explained that Billy Bob's believe that he had to get past the gatekeepers, was working against him. Techniques or tricks such as pretending to be the decision maker's best friend, to bullying his way through were negative thoughts manifesting bad results.

Replace the old thoughts (records) with one that says, gatekeepers will assist me in making a living and since they know the boss better than anyone else I will leverage their information in a useful manner. Mary Sue confirmed Billy Bob's new believe (record) and went on to explain the gatekeeper knows the boss better than you do and are often privy to company policies, vendor relationships and other useful information. She suggested Billy Bob try this strategy, "tell the screener the type of problems you solve for your customers and begin qualifying, and always remember to tell the prospect it is ok to say "no". Will your results be better? That is hard to predict one thing is certain if you keep doing what you're doing you will get the same results…..

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