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 April 19, 2004

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Be sure to perceive yourself as financially secure before each sales call

Mary Sue was debriefing a relatively new sales person after making his initial outreach calls. It was clear to Mary Sue that Jimbo was struggling with a very traditional mindset. This mindset manifested itself in Jimbo by his pushing too hard just like the aggressive stereotype sales person we have all grown to loathe.

Jimbo was taught to always get a yes, never accept a "no" from the prospect and to think his solution is right for everybody. Jimbo always seemed desperate to make a sale. Mary Sue explained this hyper aggressive state may work well in very simple transactional sales just because we wish to rid ourselves of the pest (I am sorry she really meant to say sales person) But in a more complex sales, this mindset is fatal.

Reality is we all are under tremendous pressures to meet the numbers and make the sale. We are not aware of the little voice inside our head saying things like, " C'mon, you NEED this sale to make your quota this month." "You had better push a little harder, be more enthusiastic, Close, Close Close always be Closing." This self-inflicted sabotage creates a change in our demeanor. After all you are what you think.Our physical appearance in the form of our body language changes unconsciously and we take a more aggressive stance. Your whole essence comes across as needy, pushy, aggressive and adversarial.

As a result your prospect begins to change. No longer are they open and accommodating. Instead they turn defensive and protective. Your thoughts created a mindset that manifested it self in the exact opposite type of behavior you desired.

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Just before you make an important sales call, where your neediness may kick in you paint this picture in your minds eye. Picture: You got up this morning exercised, and manifested your future success then you opened the paper to the LOTTO. Just then you realized WOW I won $240,000,000. That's it your financially secure for life. Besides the fact that you might not even make that sales call do you think your mindset would change?

Ok work with me here, pretend your conscious would not allow you to cancel that call, would your attitude be different when you arrived there? You bet it would. Think you would come across as desperate for the sale? Hardly, instead you would be able to exude a quiet sense of confidence that only a financially secure person would have. Provided you did not flip over to arrogant your buyer would notice that confident mindset and the likelihood of a better outcome would be assured. Adopt a financially secure mindset that says, "I have just won the LOTTO and despite the fact I want this sale I do not NEED to make this sale today" then watch your outcomes improve.

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