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March 17, 2008

Productivity Tips Newsletter
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Working Smart with Blackberry

If you have a BlackBerry, we have the process for increasing your productivity. We created this class in conjunction with Research In Motion (the maker's of BlackBerry) when the world's largest distributor of their devices wanted to train their employees to use this tool more effectively. Graduates of this class maintain increased productivity and enhanced on the job performance by knowing how to match the right process and skill set when using their BlackBerry.

DNA Selling DNA Workshop

This power packed two day workshop is designed to give the student a solid foundation in the principles and practices of true consultative selling. Customers in today's complex selling environment are more knowledgeable and sophisticated, and take a more comprehensive approach to buying.
Selling Tip:
Eliminate best babble mind set


Sue the Sales Leader was debriefing Bob from a recent account entry call. Her conclusion shared with Bob was, he focused entirely too much on talking about why his company and product was the best. During the call Bob kept reiterating that he had the best product, the best service and the best delivery. Sue shared her observation that the future client's body language would get negative every time Bob mentioned he was the best...


Sue went on to explain the three account entry conversation stoppers, which are created by use of "being the best mindset."  First Bob, your claim may be unfounded. You may not be intentionally making these false claims, but if you are in a competitive business there are usually worthy competitors who offer comparable-or better- products or services. The second problem Sue addressed was you sound like that "old school", "traditional spray and pray sales person". This old school sales methodology makes future clients and existing clients defensive, skeptical and downright nervous. To prove her point, she asked Bob how he felt when he was being sold. Finally Sue addressed the future clients belief system which is, "I don't care about you till you prove you care about me." She reinforced the DNA Sales Methodology with Bob. The DNA Solution Sales Methodology which says the client only cares about themselves, their issues, their dreams, their goals and their world. Bob's "best babble mindset" was not addressing any of those concerns.


Sue's advice to Bob is all about getting your future client to reveal their world to you. Switch your mindset from one of telling to discovering is this person earning the right to your continued participation in the conversation. They only way they earn that right is they are willing to share information with you about their goals, dreams, impacts, issues and costs of opportunities missed or dreams not being consistently fulfilled. You must enter a dialog with compelling judo questioning strategies so that the future client is willing to share that information freely during your conversation. But first you must rapidly establish trust via your Body Language, Rules of Engagement Nuro- Linguistic and Behavioral Styles matching and mirroring strategies before you can then ask permission to question them in detail about issues.

Sue continued her debriefing by mentioning the client was dismissing you when they asked you why they should invest in our product. She mentioned in the future be aware in an initial meeting this is a sign of "premature presentation." But if that does occur again here is a tactic that will help you get back on track for instance:

You should say; "That is a good question." "Currently it is too early to answer that because I don't have enough information about you yet to know if there is a match between what I have and what you need and want today. If you would be open to sharing a little bit more about your situation with me, perhaps we can determine if there really is a fit. Sound fair?"  


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