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June 17, 2008

Productivity Tips Newsletter
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October 15 & 16, 2008 Huntsville Alabama

DNA Selling for Sales Leaders
Dominate Your Marketplace by Building a True Selling Machine

Managing in today's complex sales environment requires more skill and expertise. Gone are the days when a company could just put sales people on the street and hope for the best. The high cost of putting sales reps on the street coupled with the increased competitive pressure demands that a company maximize its return on its investment of human capital. To compete in this environment companies realize that they must upgrade and improve their sales management practices. The companies that excel in every industry will be those that learn how to get their sales people to perform at a higher level.

DNA Selling DNA Workshop
Sept 10 and 11, 2008

This power packed two day workshop is designed to give the student a solid foundation in the principles and practices of true consultative selling. Customers in today's complex selling environment are more knowledgeable and sophisticated, and take a more comprehensive approach to buying.

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August 26, 2008

Ted Gulas will outline these six vital processes and discuss two in particular on August 26, 2008 at the North Alabama ASTD Showcase 2008 Learning and Performance Expedition from 9 AM till 10 AM. Ted's session will also provide some real world examples of integrating these two processes into a software platform like Microsoft Outlook.


Performance Max Sales and Sales Management Tip
Subject: Buyer Seduction Creates Shortcuts


Frank was having a rough week. Frank was overwhelmed by follow-ups to prospects who would not take his call and behind in finishing several proposals. His sales leader Mary was pushing hard to close some business in a slowing economy. Then out of the blue Frank received a call from Bill. Bill introduced himself by saying,” I have heard great things about your accounting software package. I saw a demo about a year ago, and was not in the position to buy at that time, but since then it has become apparent that our company needs to integrate this into our system.”


Frank was getting seduced by the prospect into thinking, “wow this will be easy, it is about time something went right this week.” Zig Ziglar calls this “stinking thinking.” About then Bill said, “I need to know about pricing and availability. Bill added the tech support is important too. Tell me how that works.”

Frank began his premature presentation by discussing tech support in detail. He then discussed availability and other options and explained the investment was $9, 000 with thirty day terms.

Bill’s response was swift and unexpected. Bill said that $9,000 was quite a hefty price tag and he needed a couple of days to consider the purchase more carefully, He would call Bill back next week.

Frank got lazy; he short-circuited the selling system. He assumed Bill was sold. Frank assumed all he had to do was answer Bill’s questions give him the information needed and write the order up. He got conned into providing free advice without getting Bill to discuss why he was so excited about the accounting software package. This entire conversation was conducted while the prospect was unemotional and interested as opposed to emotional and involved.


Do not be seduced into taking shortcuts. Remember happy prospects do not always purchase. So make sure to never assume a prospects enthusiasm means a sure sale for you. Always follow the steps in the DNA Solution Sales pyramid and fully qualify your pipeline as you run to second base. For instance, if Frank had just asked the following questions he would have been much further along:

  • Bill, before we discuss pricing, help me to understand why this software is so important. (Make sure you ask this question several times with regards to the individual, company, team, and organization)
  • You said it has been a year since you first saw this software. What has happened this past year to make you consider looking more closely at this software?
  • What exactly were you hoping this software could do that is not being done by the existing software?

You then must add some questions that quantify the cost of these issues. Then test his level of commitment to fix these issues provided you have a reasonable solution that fits his budget and returns a significant result.

How To Hire A Sales Superstar
Executive Briefing Exclusively For Presidents Owners CEO and VP of Sales and Human Resource
Sept 25, 2008 Birmingham, Alabama ~ November 6, 2008 Huntsville, Alabama

It's Effective and the Results are Proven.

For the first time ever, there is something you can do to gain control of the problem. Proven secrets, previously known to only a select group of "insiders" have just been released and compiled in a time tested business aid that will help you:

  • Identify ideal salespeople for your company.
  • Find strong salespeople in an extremely tight employment market. Get those ideal salespeople to call you with ads that actually work!
  • Qualify your candidates by phone. Know whom you should interview.
  • Simplify the entire recruiting process so it is faster and more accurate.
  • Know the most important information about your candidates prior to the interview. Will they succeed in your business?
  • Understand the problems each candidate will encounter in the field once employed by your company.
  • Accurately predict ramp-up time for your sales candidates by understanding their historic compatibility with your unique selling requirements.
  • Determine whether you'll be able to train the candidate and how much improvement you'll be able to achieve.
  • Confidently make a good hiring decision.

During the Workshop, you will be exposed to the best-proven tool for selecting sales candidates available in the Country. In addition, you will receive an extensive Workbook.



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