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December 8, 2003  

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This issue illustrates how to make technology your friend - not your enemy.

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Got Technology Addiction?
by Ted Gulas

Priority's 6 Steps to Succeed in a Tech-rich Workplace

Addiction to technology can impair both your personal and professional lives. Follow these 6 steps to start using technology more effectively and improve your personal productivity today!

  1. Start your day with a plan, not your e-mail
    Do you start your day by looking at your e-mail? This can sidetrack you from your true priorities and waste some of the most productive hours of the day. Don't let your technology override your essential management skills. Identify your priorities at the beginning of the day and stick to that plan.

  2. Schedule personal time
    If you don't show respect for your time with family, exercising or personal hobbies, no one else will - especially not your boss or clients. Recognize that sometimes, personal activities are priorities that should be managed too and not just relegated for any time left over after work. Include your 5 p.m. workout or 6 p.m. Little League practice into your daily schedule.

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  3. Control your cell
    Decide when you will turn on your cell phone and respond to calls, and when you turn it off so you can focus on important personal pursuits. You might want to consider keeping your cell phone number private so that it is truly for just your use and not someone else's convenience.

  4. Ease up on e-mail
    Checking your e-mail every 30 minutes or keeping a long list of messages in your In-box are signs of ineffective e-mail management. Learn how to use e-mail to save time, not squander it.

  5. Don't be a slave to your voice mail
    Be disciplined about checking your messages. Don't pick up messages more than 4 times during the day. Otherwise your voice mail becomes a productivity bandit that distracts you from your high priority tasks.

  6. Don't be a family time robber
    Don't deny your family of your time and attention by being constantly accessible by cell phone, pager or e-mail. One way to de-stress from the work day is to turn off your cell phone 10 minutes before you get home so you can shift from your professional life to your personal life.
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And finally, invest in learning how to master the technology you use. Balance these technology skills with essential management skills - fundamental skills such as planning, managing priorities and delegation - so you can use the technology to achieve your priorities. Make sure your technology is making you more productive and not just busier.

Look at the technology tools you use. Ask yourself how the technology will make you smarter and perform better on the job. By asking this question, you'll save yourself loads of time, stress and money.


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