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March 19, 2004

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Trouble With Cold Calls?

Mary Sue was reviewing the numbers of weekly cold calls that Billy Bob was attempting and converting. The reports outcome was far below expectations. In addition, Billy Bob was complaining because when he actually received a contact and talked with a prospect he consistently received the typical knee jerk reactions such as; not interested, we are happy with our current supplier, send me some information or its just not the right time.

The real issues that Billy Bob has to tackle deals with mindset, tonality, and approach used in the first 15 seconds of the outreach. The mindset of need over want makes Billy Bob sound like a traditional sales person. This affects tonality and approach, which automatically triggers the prospects stressors of fear or flight. Don't fall in the trap of allowing your prospect to view you as the traditional sales person. Here are a few samples of how you can fall into that trap in the first 15 seconds of a call. In parentheses is what the prospect is really thinking.

    1. "Do you have a few minutes to talk"? (Oh sure, I was just here in my office wasting a little time)
    2. "I am calling to tell you about our new_______" (Big deal, I do not need it, do not want it and really do not care who this jerk is anyway.)
    3. If I could show you a way__________ " (This person must have just attended one of those weekend training seminars.)
    4. "We are giving away a free_________" (Sure, I bet there are no strings attached either not.)
    5. "We are announcing a new ________etc etc etc( Can I just get a word in edgewise to tell this person I am not interested?)
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Set your mindset to carry an adult-to-adult conversation as opposed to a child to a parent. Do not perceive yourself as subservient to the prospect. Break the old needy pattern by creating a respectful, low-key, matter of fact and non-threatening tone. Develop the bravery to ask if you caught them at a bad time and be willing to move forward even if you did catch them at a bad time. Announce your intentions say things like, "this is a sales call." Ask them for 30 seconds to tell them why you called and allow them to decide if you should continue. Promise your prospect to be brief and to the point. Tell them you may not have anything they would be interested in and that it is OK for them to tell you if they have no interest.

Yes, your ultimate goal will be to set an appointment to gather detailed information. Before that can happen you must be able to determine if there may be a reason to do business together. In order to determine if there is a reason to do business a meaningful conversation must take place. If they will not engage in a conversation you will never know what the potential may be.

Adjust and sharpen your mindset, take the adult-to-adult approach and track your success.


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