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February 16, 2004

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Stop One, Continue One, and Start One Strategy

Psychologists will tell you that it is very difficult to change a behavior. For example, it might take up to three weeks to get used to cleaning your teeth with the other hand. I don't suggest you try it and please don't write that a brush is more effective!

In our training programs, we often talk about acquiring specific skills and depending on the type of learning and content of the course ask workshop participants to identify three actions:

  1. One to stop
  2. One to continue
  3. One to start

For example, in our Priority Manager or Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook programs we discuss strategies to achieve better work/life balance.

We ask, "identify just one thing that you do that interferes with achieving a balanced life." We might hear, "well I never get home until after seven". That's the one to stop.

Next, "what have you been doing that works well for you in this area?" "I walk the dog for an hour each morning before work" That's one to continue.

And finally, "what new skill, technique or behavior will you now try?" "I'll call a friend tonight and arrange dinner" That's the one to start.

This is behavior change in its simplest and purest form. It's a worthy goal, its realistic and practical and best of all you can start it today and begin a brand new pattern of behavior. Your family will be happy to see you home early, the dog will wag its tail and your friends will be delighted to catch up and get a free meal. To learn more about our training programs go to these links:

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